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Farewell to the Third Mask Festival...Hello impending graduation!

WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!

Final day of the third mask festival ( , feel free to still check the website and archived materials out)....and I am feeling a huge SIGH of relief! Can't believe we pulled it off, it was a massive amount of work getting a festival up and running and we wouldn't have been able to do it without all the help from our business class compatriots, as well as each other! Cant believe we premiered 8 new pieces, what a testament to the creative problem solving skills of this cohort for making a live theatre festival (with virtual components) possible in a pandemic my goodness gracious am I chuffed.

And now graduation is two weeks away...I simply cannot process that I will be separating from the cohort that has become a lot like family over the last two years. I imagine like most things I will compartmentalize and save my devastation for later. Endings are always so sticky...and this doesn't feel so much like an ending to me. More like a GIANT new chapter for all of us post-grad. Whats in the cards for me you may wonder...or perhaps you don't but I will tell you anyways :) I will be heading to Rhode Island for the summer to help develop some new educational programming with Spectrum Theatre Ensemble, in addition to helping run/direct/act/lead workshops in the Neurodiversity Play Festival in July/August! I am incredibly excited for well as taking part in the Providence Fringe Festival (hopefully) in July as well. More on all of this in June!

Hope you all have a wonderful May...I'm off to get my MFA! And hopefully some more acceptances to Fringe Festivals as well ;) Write Soon.

xx Madison


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